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General Situation of Focus Media
Focus Media Group (Focus Media), founded in 2003, has created and pioneered the biggest lifestyle targeted interactive digital media network for China. Its business scope includes LCD display network, poster frame network, movie theatre network, and in-store network. Surrounding the space of work, life, entertainment and consumption of mainstream people in major cities, it was integrated as the biggest life space media network in China.
Value of Focus Media

As the biggest lifestyle targeted media of China, the most special value of Focus Media lies in achieving high frequency and effective arrival to the mainstream people in major cities in their life everyday, thereby its powerful energy finally was accumulated to a brand boom.
It is an era of mobile internet, where any information is available to customers at any time and in any place without any cost. However, too many choices have brought brand communication sinking into a terrible trouble. You may choose to watch TV or videos, play Wechat, play games or teach your kids at night. Also you may go outside for shopping, sipping tea and chatting, or for movies and Karaoke. Lots of choices are handed in the hands of people in this era. Even if you have chosen to watch TV, there are 120 channels awaiting you for another choice. The situation is even worse when it relates to watching videos. Mobile terminal creates excessive information where people drown themselves in, which just put Focus Media in a prominent position for its special value. For most people: going home, going for work, for entertainment is a must.they are always going home, going for work, for entertainment…Focus Media is ready to wait for you in your way home, to work, entertainment and shopping, and has been casting a subtle influence in your life. Focus Media has become the biggest portal of offline flow.

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