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Covering more than 150 cities.More than 1,800 large-scale shopping malls.
Over 60 thousand in-store television screens.98% of market occupancy.
Media Value of in-store network

Focus on 200 million main purchasers for family FMCG (fast-moving customer goods)

In-store network clearly aims on the purchaser of household goods, and 84% customers are main deciders of FMCG procurement. Most of them are women aged from 20 to 50, whose family monthly income is about 11,000 yuan, and the expenditure of each time is about 200 yuan.

Affect the impulsive purchase in the last moment

With low prices and short decision-making time, 55% of FMCG is in-store impulse buying. At the last moment of shopping, in-strore network as the terminals can convey information to consumers during buying process by using multiple contacts to instantly awaken consumers’ brand awareness, so as to cast strong influences to unplanned purchasing and impulsive customers.

The Most Cost-effective Terminal Information Publishing Platform

Covering nearly 100 million shoppers a week, the CPM is only 2 to 3 yuan. In terminal and through instant tips, transfer the brand forces established through television ads into actual sales forces. And compared with stores promoters and promotion POP, it provides high standards and low costs, which can help advertisers promote terminal volume and reduce terminal costs.

Analysis of in-store network on Various Brands Value

Big brands spent 90% of the money on TV ads and videos to build brand awareness and loyalty, however, customers still have 55% of unplanned choices in terminals. How leading brands make your brand influences cover terminals by using 5% to 10% of budget? Use in-store network to effectively consolidate customers’ named choices, and promptly remind customers to buy at any time, instantly transfer promotion information, and make the entire mall become your sale kingdom.

In-store network Innovation

Technology is realized to play different ads for different stores system and in different time to effectively adapt to the changing terminal business environment.
iBeacon has been set in in-store network, which can connect with WeChat shake to enable customers to participate in interactive activities in supermarkets and get cash and coupons in the site. The vouchers can be used immediately to stimulate spending, which creates more enjoyable shopping.

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